What My Mind Is About Right Now - Clavicut Hair

Last August I wrote a post about my hair problems caused by unprofessional hairdressers but I am sorry to realise that after 2 years my hair still is not as what I would like it to be.I have extremely thick layers at the line of my chin and very thin hair in my below layers. It doesn't look good and also the upper part get more damage as well. As a solution, I decided to have it grown a little below my shoulders and have the long part cut so that I could have a same lengths, healty and bearable style at the end.

I was browsing the net searching for inspiration when I came across the term "clavicut hair". At first I said "Whatcut?" then I realised it comes from the name of the clavicle bone. A fresh and low maintemance style and it is just what I need now to recover my love for my hairstyle.

I am planning to take the middle picture with me for the style and I am still thinking about the colour. I haven't make up my mind yet maybe some highlights or a stunning dark brown.

My long-term plan with my hair is to have it long, but I have to make some sacrifice to make it happen, my actual style is really not acceptable for me. I just really really hope that my current hairdresser will not mess it up for a further couple of years, because then I will just have some extensions and will have a strong scorn for all of the hairdressers in the world for the rest of me life.

Succulents & Other Goodies Indoors

My father has always been a gardener type of person, who likes to spend hours in the garden creating the perfect place for an afternoon relax and a beautiful personal jungle. Over the years as I changed my taste in clothes (ages 6 - 20), he changed his liking in flora, he liked cacti, lilies, hibiscuses and also succulents among other kinds of plants.

I, myself am not a big gardener as I struggle keeping alive most plants, but succulents are just my type and if you are like me, also yours. They are quite low maintenance comparing to other popular plants and looks fabulous. 

"Succulents can be grown either inside or outside but, like other plants, they need plenty of light. Most require either filtered sun most of the day or 1 to 2 hours of direct sun each day. Many will survive quite well in full sun, but in summer you will need to introduce them in stages: 1-2 hours the first week, 3-4 hours the next week, then all day." - www.thesucculentgarden.com

There are plenty of species of succulent  cuttings available even on Etsy, with a vide variety of accessories - different shapes of terrariums for example. For more inspiration, chack out my Gardening & Succulents pinboard at Pinterest.


Eliminate 80% / Pareto Principle

A couple of days ago I bumped into the 20-80% rule, the so called Pareto Principle or Pareto efficiency using an other term. It is called the law of the vital few. It basicly means that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In terms of fashion - 80% of our outfits come from 20% of our closets.

I thought about it hard and deep and reviewed my wardrobe and I have to agree with the principle. Almost 80% of my clothes just sleep in my wardrobe untouched while the remaining 20% get worn off super fast.

What to do now that we are aware of it? Reorganize. Throw away. Free some space. Eliminate the unneccessary.

What can be in your superfluous 80%?