Rosewholesale Bag & Makeup Brushes

The other day I received my new little white bag from Rosewholesale with a makeup brush kit. The bag it of good quality and I'm satisfied with it but the brushes are a bit hard for me. Anyway, great shop with more than great prices so... I will definitely look back later. You can also find a banner to them on my sidebar, feel free to use it.

The bag it just great for a monochrome outfit and it is big enough to put in my essentials - wallet, phone, bus monthly ticket, little things. Maybe I should do a 'what's in my bag' series with my different sized bags. White party bag, huge shopper, the I just jumped down to shop groceries bag and so on. What do you think?

The brushes - to comb my eyebrows, put on eyeliner and blusher. They are a bit hard so I can only use them to draw narrow lines. 

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Bornpretty Kitty Watch

Not long ago have I received a very special gift from Bornpretty store. Some of you may already know how much I love cats and everything that has some cats on them like this pretty cool watch with the huge eyed black cat on it. The site itself calls it 'pussy patterned' which is fun and cute and it only costs 7.76 USD. Quite reasonable and the rubber band looks to be of good quality.

If you like to purchase anything from Bornpretty (like this kitty watch) I can offer a 10% coupon code for you:  BUBC10. Just type it in at the checkout and get 10% off of yout total amount. You also can find the code on my right sidebar for a while. Good shopping!

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Nola.Nova / Change Your Moral

A new collection by Nola.Nova, a brand made by two sisters from the Netherlands. "With our brand Nola.Nova we would like to inspire you to do the things that you love, and to do what makes you happy. Show the world who you are and what you stand for. All collections are based on the girl 'Nola'. She discovers new things about the world and herself every day and we use that as inspiration to our collections".

While Nola was walking through the city of Amsterdam, a feminist protest group called Femen caught her attention. This group, originally from Ukraine, speaks up for national and international topics such as women rights and against religion and sexism. These women are standing up for their opinion and rights. Thew want to be heard. We, as a brand that gives young individuals a way to express themselves, really like their rebel way of fighting against morals they won't accept. Our 'Change your Moral' collection comes with Nola seeing a 'Nova' way of expressing herself. You have the choice to fight back to something you don't agree with. It's the way you take care of it. I's your attitude. We all see the same things, we only act differently. So... if you can't accept the moral, speak up!

I can gladly state the new collection is better then the older one and I love it. Cool statement prints of high quality fabrics & quotes on them. The colours are black, deep grey, light grey and bordeaux just the way I like and all of the products are unique. Soo much win.

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